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It's all For the Love
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Rocket and Groot by Dew-Sama
Rocket and Groot
I watched Guardians of the Galaxy the second day it came out
such an awesome movie!!!
I never thought that I would be so keen on a movie from the space fiction genre!
Groot and Rocket are just the cutest thing ever :iconhandspazzplz:
I find the fact that Groot grows out flowers to cheer up little kids so adorable, so this drawing happened
(amazing OST guys, go check the album out!)


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Dew Sama
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
People's Republic of China
I'm a cabbage having sunbath in the 2.5 dimension. :iconlazysulkplz:

G12 student.
Art is love.
Has a dream.

:iconsparklesplz:MJ fan:iconsparklesplz: Also a fan of Marvel, One Piece, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and classic rock in general. Animator-wannabe. Professional procrastinator.

Recent work: the AP Drawing concentration
It is a story about the parallel existence of imagination and reality all in one's mind. It is about keeping the wildest dreams as a child and then to achieve something from them.
Mind is the Magic (Concentration #1) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (Concentration #2) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (Concentration #3) by Dew-Sama
Mind is the Magic (concentration #4) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (Concentration #5) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (concentration #6) by Dew-Sama
Mind is the Magic (concentration #7) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (concentration #8) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (concentration #9) by Dew-Sama
Mind Is The Magic (concentration #10) by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (concentration #11) by Dew-SamaMind Is The Magic (concentration #12) by Dew-Sama
I love this website, and i'd definitely love to share my story, so here we go....

I was in 8th grade. My mom has an old friend who graduated from an art school, who told me about dA for the first time. She admired my drawings greatly (even though I was just 13/14 or whatever) and suggested me to make an account. I drew this sketch of her on my phone, because she has a very unique dressing style.
Banu-mobile drawing by Dew-Sama
I kept the name of the website in mind, but I didn't actually register.
It was actually a few months after I entered 9th Grade that I made an account. I've always been a hardcore fan of MJ but at that time my internet activity seemed to only circulate around MJ...oh the immature fangirl age. I was linked to dA because I was looking at this awesome person's paintings of MJ...

Fly by HitomiOsanaiMichael Jackson Late Summer Complete by HitomiOsanaiNew Beautiful man in Autumn by HitomiOsanai
YESSS It's Hitomi Osanai! :iconhitomiosanai:
I was so amazed by her ability to do watercolor paintings!
That's when I decided to join dA because... Hey, I get to meet awesome people like her, so why not?

Hitomi is also a big reason why I want to do watercolor in the first place. I prefer watercolor over other forms of painting because of it beautifully blends color in the most fresh and vibrant way possible. Watercolor always gives surprises and the process of drawing watercolor is incredibly joyful to me.
Some watercolor pieces of mine that i like...
Dreaming by Dew-SamaMind is the Magic (Concentration #5) by Dew-SamaMind Is The Magic (concentration #10) by Dew-Sama

    The two paintings on the right is from my AP Art portfolio. They are from an original series called "Mind Is the Magic" (of course, the title is paying tribute to my biggest inspiration ;) ) I have just completed my junior year and good news... I got a full score 5 for AP Art!
    Hooooold on... I think I am getting off topic here. Oops.

So! I had my dA account.
and this is the first deviation I've ever posted
It might hurt your eyes a little so don't hate me *hides
First MJ digital art by Dew-Sama
Ugly first digital art. I'm only posting it here because.... wait why the heck am I posting it here to embarrass myself?!

Later on in 10th Grade, I posted this original watercolor work, and surprisingly it got a DD o_O
Can You See Me? by Dew-Sama
Even though this is totally not my best work, I'm very thankful for the honor of a daily deviation :D

My style is alllllways changing, and I think it's because... I just love too many distinctly different artists and I want to know that I CAN do what they're doing if I want to. That's why even though I'm drawing the same subject (MJ, for example), it can go from Japanese manga style to semi realism to realism to cartoony, and then back and forth 129837289 of times. I will not list my fav dA artists here... Because there're far TOO many and I don't wanna disturb them :D but I just wanna say thanks for the nonstop inspiration :heart: I'm still looking for a certain style that fits me the most, but I think i'm moving in the right direction and hopefully my style would be more specific and recognizable in the near future <3

    I've talked too much about myself. So now I wanna talk about two awesome peeps.Day 1 of 100: LionHeart by MoonwalkingHorsePoint of Light by inemasterkart
:iconsparklesplz::iconmoonwalkinghorse: Moon & :iconinemasterkart: Ine :iconsparklesplz:
    These two little mofos are something special I'm telling ya.
    When I came to dA with 200 drawings in my hands to upload (now we've got 430), I wasn't expecting to meet two of my best friends on here. Back when we only talked under deviations and through notes, I totally wasn't expecting to talk to them 24/7 on my phone a year later. MJ and art brought us together, and for that I am grateful to dA. Oh what a gloooorious friendship, ladies :iconsexyhorseplz:

    Also I would like to say thanks to :icondarkraisdream1234::iconxmjjmoonwalker:and:icongokuschichi4818: for writing about me in their "My deviantART Story" journals. I was in a really shitty mood today so reading your journals really flattered me and cheered me up in a way. 
    Lots of :heart::heart::heart: to everyone who is following me during the three years on dA. You guys have been amazing and sometimes my whole day is made by reading just a sweet comment from you guys. 
    Sometimes I get weird stuff from little kids, and sometimes my drawing gets stolen, but overall, I love this place very very much :iconloveloveplz:  It's very fun to be here and I appreciate you guys so much!
    WOW I wrote a really long essay, didn't I?! Not gonna name everyone here, but you know that I love you all bb :iconteeheeplz:
    This is supposed to some sort of birthday celebration for dA... but I turned it into something personal I guess hahah!
    Happy birthday deviantART!
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